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AARD Technology is the U.S. representative for scia Systems GmbH, a German supplier of specialized plasma and ion beam process equipment. We offer systems for coating, etching, and localized trimming for the MEMS, microelectronics, and optics industries. Technical support and 24 x 7 service hotlines ensure high volume manufacturers enjoy maximum uptime.

Founded in 1995 and located in Finland AFORE is a pioneer supplier of test equipment for the MEMS industry and related markets. We are specialized in providing solutions for consumer, industrial and automotive applications. Our products are utilized in sensor and semiconductor industry from R&D and characterization to high-volume manufacturing, wherever there’s a demand for high accuracy testing in environmental or motion stimulus. Being part of the AEM Group, we take pride in providing innovative, engineering-focused solutions and developing strong partnerships with customers and associates to cater to their manufacturing needs through our global engineering service support network and innovative people. Through our network of sales offices, associates and distributors, AEM and AFORE have global market presence spanning Asia, Europe and the United States.

Coat-X provides unique solutions for protecting high value-added components against moisture penetration and corrosion. Our ultra-thin biocompatible multilayer coating technology is able to protect the most critical parts of your products, should they need to function in harsh environmental conditions. Our low temperature proprietary batch process has been applied successfully to different type of sensors, microsystems, PC boards, magnets, watch components and medical devices. The solutions offered by Coat-X meet requirements in compliance with the highest international quality standards for hermeticity; corrosion resistance and/or biocompatibility. Coat-X’s novel technology can replace conventional and expensive, metal, glass or polymer encapsulation/protection solutions and can be used for many different applications.

Covalent Metrology is a one-stop-shop for measurement and characterization services and expertise. We offer in-house measurement and imaging of advanced materials, coatings and devices as well as a single point of contact to access a wide network of specialized service labs and instrument makers around the world. Covalent partners with customers, leveraging our metrology expertise, network and infrastructure to solve development challenges, improve products and increase yields. Our customers work in many industries including semiconductor manufacturing, photonics, and energy storage, generation and conservation (e.g., batteries, PV, glass or thermal coatings).

EAG Laboratories, now part of EurofinsScientific global network, serving clients across a vast array of technology-related industries. Through multidisciplinary expertise in the life, materials and engineering sciences, EAG Laboratories helps companies innovate and improve products, ensure quality and safety, protect intellectual property. Stop by to learn more about our capabilities in surface analysis and materials characterization services.

Eshylon Scientific is revolutionizing thin wafer handling and the temporary bonding market with its innovative, multi-patented mobile electrostatic carriers (MESCs), offering customers unprecedented control over their most challenging substrate handling requirements. The Eshylon MESC platform delivers unmatched ROI for thin wafer handling, fab retrofit and wafer thinning applications through extraordinary yield, versatility, cost and throughput.

Kyodo International is MEMS pure play foundry, contract manufacturer and total solution provider for MEMs devices such as sensors, biomed devices, IOT devices and optical devices for variety of applications. Kyodo also provides custom solutions and services in thin films, wafer polishing (CMP), dry and wet etch, nanoimprint lithography mold design and patterning, wafer bonding and so on. Kyodo supplies sputtering targets and target bonding services as well.Weat Kyodo International provide total nano-imprint related services from mold fabrication, antisticking coating, imprint service, mold replication to others applying semiconductor manufacturing technologies. Our advantage is that we could totally support customer R&D works to meet with our customer needs decreasing R&D cost.We offer MEMS prototyping to volume production services to sensors and IOT start-ups, academia, government, defense, space, consumer and biomedical industry. Kyodo is well represented in Silicon Valley serving United States and Canadian markets.

Materion Advanced Materials is a premier provider of thin film sputtering materials for MEMS applications. Our experienced application engineers understand complex storage architectures along with our customers’ requirements for specialty materials that optimize product performance and reduce cost. Materion’s product line offerings include high quality precious and valuable metals sputtering targets, aluminum scandium sputter targets, high PTF extended life magnetic targets, anti-ferromagnetic materials and products to support HAMR technology. Our high-quality products meet the need for repeatability, reliability and longevity. Our services also include sputter target bonding, precision parts cleaning, and precious and valuable metal reclamation services.

Micralyne is a leading independent MEMS foundry, and volume manufacturer of novel MEMS devices with over 30 years of MEMS development and manufacturing expertise. Micralyne’s fabrication solutions have been used in MEMS sensors for precise measurement devices, MEMS optical switching technology, lab-on-a-chip components, micro-needles, pressure sensors, gas sensors, accelerometers, thermal imaging sensors, and microfluidics. We are both ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified. Micralyne’s MEMS foundry model allows clients to access enhanced services such as validated MEMS technology processes and platforms, advanced packaging – WLP, TSV, TGV, discrete and custom sub-assembly services. This foundry model has successfully produced products for industries such as: bio-medical, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, telecom, and industrial sensors. Micralyne offers our customers a strategic partnership with deep technical knowledge and fabrication capabilities coupled with an integrated quality and project management support. Connect with us today and leverage our experience to manufacture your MEMS devices.

MicroConnex fabricates a wide range of high-density, fine-pitch (1.1 mil trace/space), complex (multilayer with blind and buried vias) flexible circuits (FPC) and provides contract laser microvia-drilling and micromachining services. Using ESI 5330 and 5335 series laser systems along with IPG IX-6100s. The company machines various flexible and rigid materials, including alumina, kapton, and other exotic materials. MicroConnex also deposits (sputters) specialty thin-film materials.

We provide innovative lab-on-a-chip and MEMS solutions: solutions that will help our customers improve their products and research, contributing to the quality of life. Our unique combination of micro- and nanotechnologies, different materials, microfluidics and MEMS knowledge and customer application knowhow, enables us to provide our customers with the innovative and sustainable solution they are looking for. Micronit was founded in 1999, with its initial focus on the miniaturisation of devices using micro technology. After a few years our focus shifted to microfluidics for life sciences applications. Since then we have transformed from a parts supplier to a lab-on-a-chip and bioMEMS product development and manufacturing partner, providing our customers with total solutions.

Since 1980, Nikon Corporation has been revolutionizing lithography with innovative products and technologies. The company is a worldwide leader in semiconductor lithography systems for the microelectronics manufacturing industry with more than 8,000 (semiconductor) lithography systems installed worldwide. Nikon offers the most extensive selection of production-class steppers and scanners in the industry. These products serve the semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD) and thin-film magnetic head (TFH) industries. The extensive Nikon product portfolio includes specialized lithography solutions for MEMS, LED, and packaging applications as well. Nikon Precision provides service, training, applications and technical support, as well as sales and marketing for Nikon lithography systems worldwide.

OnScale is the world’s first Solver-as-a-Service platform – a combination of advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) multi-physics solvers with a scalable cloud high-performance computing (HPC) engine. OnScale breaks performance barriers for engineers by providing near-limitless Cloud HPC resources to solve today’s toughest engineering challenges. OnScale also breaks cost barriers for engineering teams of all sizes by providing world-class CAE multi-physics solvers and Cloud HPC on a subscription-based pay-as-you-go pricing model. With OnScale, engineers can run massive multi-million degree-of-freedom multi-physics simulations and vast numbers of simulations in parallel to optimize systems like ultrasonic transducer arrays for near-field 3D object classification for ADAS applications very quickly with minimal cost. Design studies that were once impossible with legacy CAE tools and on-premise HPC are now possible.

When you need custom MEMS & Micro Devices for your system, you can rely on our experts to really understand your requirements. Our 140 experts working at the MEMS Foundry and Micro Devices Facility follow a phase-gated approach to demonstrate feasibility and give proof of concept, develop the process to the required maturity level and manufacture your devices with the right quality.

When you need custom MEMS & Micro Devices for your system, you can rely on our experts to really understand your requirements. Our 140 experts working at the MEMS Foundry and Micro Devices Facility follow a phase-gated approach to demonstrate feasibility and give proof of concept, develop the process to the required maturity level and manufacture your devices with the right quality.

SilTerra Malaysia is a semiconductor wafer foundry offering a full range of process technologies covering our core business in CMOS technologies (advanced logic, RFCMOS, mixed signal and high voltage) to leading edge technologies in MEMS, silicon photonics, bio-photonics and power. SilTerra’s wafer fab has a capacity of 40,000 eight-inch wafers per month. SilTerra also offers MEMS foundry services and a unique MEMS-on-CMOS technology. Under the MEMS foundry services, we help customers realize working prototypes from their proof of concept, support the transfer or set-up of customer owned process and ramp-up to high volume manufacturing (all in one fab). With our MEMS-on-CMOS technology, we have the capability to build the MEMS devices on pre-processed CMOS wafers thus offering a “truly monolithic MEMS integrated solution”. This integrated technology provides a cost-effective, multi-functional chip with a smaller footprint. SilTerra provides proven silicon validated MEMS devices to our customers. SilTerra offers various MEMS on CMOS devices such as: pMUT(piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers), BAW and SAW (bulk and surface acoustic wave) resonators, optical micro-mirror arrays, zero level package (ZLP), nano-wires, and sensors. Applications include frequency control products, data projectors, finger print sensors, medical imaging and industrial sensors.

Solarius is a leading provider of precision systems for non-contact surface inspection, measurement, analysis, and visualization. Our products combine high-resolution sensors with automated data acquisition systems and powerful analysis tools. Offerings range from desktop systems for off-line inspection, to semi-automated systems for fast precise measurements, to customized multi-station platforms for high-volume in-line inspection. Our design philosophy focuses on standard products as well as customized solutions to best meet specialized requirements. This process starts with understanding metrology challenges and budget constraints, followed by in depth analysis by our application and development engineers. Customizing data acquisition software, analysis tools, and user interfaces is a part of our approach to solve unique metrology application tasks. The company’s headquarters, which includes our main product development center, is in San Jose, California. Our global reach includes Solarius subsidiaries in China (Shanghai), Europe (Munich and Essen) and India (Pune) responsible for sales, application engineering, customer support, and product development. Augmented by our international partner network,Solarius takes care for an installed base exceeding 2,000 active metrology systems worldwide.

SÜSS MicroTec is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring in the semiconductor industry and related markets. Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for backend lithography, wafer bonding and photomask processing, complemented by micro-optical components. In close cooperation with research institutes and industry partners SÜSS MicroTec contributes to the advancement of next-generation technologies such as 3D integration and nanoimprint lithography as well as key processes for WLP, MEMS and LED manufacturing. With its global infrastructure for applications and service SÜSS MicroTec supports more than 8,000 installed systems worldwide.

Tau Industrial Robotics is producing TiSense, a high-tech table-top solution for environmental MEMS testing with nitrogen free, ultra-fast temperature transition, in combination with additional stimuli (pressure, acoustics etc.).

TDK develops and manufactures high accuracy temperature and pressure sensors with excellent media resistance and long-term stability, serving the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics markets. With world class expertise and technology combined with decades of experience in design, simulation, validation and mass production TDK is a global partner to market leading customers. Our factories are IATF 16949 certified and have received numerous OEM certifications as well as multiple supplier awards. Tronics, a TDK Group Company, is an independent custom MEMS supplier and foundry with US and European manufacturing, design, development and mass production facilities, allowing us to provide our customers with truly local support. Tronics MEMS Inc. located in Addison, Texas, serves the bioMEMS and industrial markets and holds ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and ISO 13485 (medical devices) certifications. Tronics MEMS is a full-service foundry and produces an array of customized products including flexible polymer-based sensors, conductive and functionalized silicon microneedles, and microfluidic sensors.

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. (ULVAC) was established in 1992 as the US subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc. Headquartered in Methuen, Massachusetts, ULVAC provides a broad portfolio of manufacturing equipment for the vacuum, materials and thin film industries. ULVAC's solutions diversely incorporate equipment, materials, analysis, and services for flat panel displays, electronic components, semiconductors, MEMS and general-industry equipment. In addition, the Methuen facility is equipped with a class-10 cleanroom for process development, customer demonstration and manufacturing of the ENVIRO solvent-free dry photo resist stripper and compound semiconductor materials etch systems. Other in-house services include foundry etch (for deep oxide and compound semiconductor materials), thermal processing, materials characterization, and vacuum pump/leak detector repair. ULVAC supports a variety of MEMS production technologies, for applications ranging from micro sensors to flow channel modules, optical switches, and bio-MEMS.

Wafer Universe is your express supplier for high-quality glass wafers. Wafer Universe offers a wide range of high-quality glass and quartz wafers for MEMS and sensors applications -- ready to ship right away. At Wafer Universe, you will find a wide selection of wafers in various diameters and thicknesses, as well as materials, including borosilicate wafers (with regular or enhanced MDF polishing), alkaline free glass wafers, and quartz wafers (semiconductor grade quartz). All wafers are made in Germany and come clean-room packed. Minimum order quantities start from only 10 wafers. Typically, your order will be shipped within 48 hours (depending on order time, country of delivery, and availability). As a brand of Plan Optik AG, Wafer Universe maintains the quality management system certified as per IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001.

Research and Development Partner

The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden, Germany is your access to know-how, expertise and modern R&D infrastructure in the field of optical sensors and actuators, integrated circuits, microsystems (MEMS/MOEMS) and nanoelectronics. The Fraunhofer IPMS is one of 72 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the leading organization for applied research in Germany, and also in Europe. It is devoted to research of practical utility. Relying on 25,000 employees, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has a research budget of 2.6 billion euros.

Exhibit Opportunities

To ensure a more exclusive and intimate networking environment for both the exhibitors and the attendees, the exhibits will only be open to conference attendees. The exhibit package is only $2,995 and includes the following:

  • Two (2) conference passes
  • Printed conference program and presentation slides in electronic format
  • One (1) 6-foot table, draped
  • Two (2) chairs
  • Custom 11”x17” tabletop sign with company logo and description
  • Company logo and description in the printed conference program and on printed conference signage
  • Company logo and description on event website
  • Company logo and description on event dedicated email to subscribers of MEMS Journal and our media partners; event promotions will reach 70,000 to 80,000 individuals in the wearables, sensors, MEMS, electronics, and semiconductor industry segments.

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