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Technology Showcase Presenters
Startup and Innovation Showcase Presenters
Call for Speakers

Speakers and Presentation Topics

Presentation speakers will be posted soon.

Technology Showcase Presenters

Craig Hunter
Covalent Metrology

Robb Smith
Eshylon Scientific

Willy-An Silvius
Marketing Communications Specialist
Micronit Microtechnologies

Jumpei Fukui
Deputy Section Manager
Nikon Engineering

Eduard Sterzer, PhD
Strategy and Sales,
Tau Industrial Robotics

Markus Wagner
Wafer Universe

Startup and Innovation Showcase Presenters

Showcase speakers will be posted soon.

Call for Speakers

If you’d like to participate as a speaker, please call Jessica Ingram at 360-929-0114 or send a brief email with your proposed presentation topic to All speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the conference.

  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • Emerging trends with MEMS, sensors, and microtechnology
  • MEMS manufacturing and fabrication techniques
  • Next generation sensors and MEMS devices
  • Materials, fabrication, packaging, and testing technologies
  • Smart sensing materials
  • Sensor system integration
  • Artificial intelligence for sensors applications
  • Impacts of enabling technologies on new emerging applications
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and hubs, company formation
  • Supply chain trends and challenges, government regulations, and mandates
  • Flexible-hybrid sensors and electronics
  • Medical MEMS and microsystems
  • Microfluidics and labs-on-chips
  • Nanoscale devices and NEMS
  • Power and energy micro devices
  • Process design, modeling, and modeling technologies
  • Harsh-environment sensors and MEMS devices
  • Chemical and environmental sensors and microsystems
  • MEMS microphones and acoustic microdevices
  • RF MEMS for next generation applications such as 5G telecom networks
  • Advanced packaging technologies
  • Reliability testing and environmental effects compensation methods
  • Integrated photonics and optical MEMS
  • Interface and calibration circuits for sensors